Qualitas Global Property Directors Simon Jukes and Mark Mashiter have decades of experience


Simon Jukes


Trusted international property professional, Simon Jukes, has lived and worked in many parts of the world during the last 20 years and so has a global perspective in property. He began his professional career in engineering, before working for four years for a major PLC in Belgium and Germany. Simon then moved into the construction and real estate industry 15 years ago.

Simon has bought and sold property for investment since he was 21. He set up and ran a successful overseas real estate business, selling commercial, land and residential property in many countries around the world, building up an extensive network of contacts and experience and a strong personal reputation within the property market.

In 2011, Simon set up Qualitas with his business partner Mark Mashiter to expand their investor network, introduce well-vetted opportunities and increase their portfolios. Simon’s role has been to develop and expand the group of companies and he most recently launched Qualitas Global Realty – a licensed US real estate company and Qualitas Development, the group’s construction division.

One of his main responsibilities has been maximising US sales for the local Cape Coral and Florida market, where Qualitas Global Realty is based and negotiating with local construction companies. Simon also plays a key role in researching the market, overseeing global sales and marketing and introducing cutting-edge construction methods.

In addition, Simon oversees all group business development strategy. He currently divides his time between Europe, Asia and in the US, where the group operations are based. He is responsible for raising venture capital and seed funding to increase the land and property portfolio and heads up the group’s global investor network and regularly speaks at industry seminars concerning overseas property investment.


Mark Mashiter


Mark Mashiter is an experienced real estate professional. He started work in 2000 as property manager in London, UK, managing 150 units and heading upletting and tenant management. Mark then acquired, managed and sold assets for a private wealth company, analysing deals, finding new deal sources, carrying out due diligence and dealing with the sale of an £8million portfolio to developer Galliard Homes plc. He also has commercial experience on mixed-use building.

In 2005, Mark focused his real estate investment strategy to Florida, USA, where he utilized investment structures for trading building lots and conducted 500-plus trades. He had sole responsibility for investing and managing this $4million private fund. From 2006-2007, Mark created and marketed single-family Florida home and lot packages throughout North America for www.bluepearlinc.com, achieving almost $50million sales in just six months and was a regular guest on Miami and San Francisco real estate radio shows.

He returned to Europe in 2007, conducting due diligence and consulting for a prospective 3,000-plus unit housing development in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and two high-end residential projects – one in Prague (www.liliova8.cz) and one in Zagreb. The following year, Mark once again focused on Florida real estate investments, working through www.coastcapitalpartners.net to monitor, research and establish contacts to take advantage of the downturn in market. The company went on to invest in $45million of equity in distressed assets and was directly responsible for acquisition of $24million in land and condo developments.

In 2011, Mark launched Qualitas Global Property with Simon Jukes. Focusing on the Cape Coral market, Mark personally conducts the on-going micro and macro market research, due diligence, together with individual deal analysis, which steers and structures the group’s investment strategy. He also oversees all transactional aspects of the company's activities, in particular the acquisition, management and disposition of all owned and managed assets, together with handling the structure and due diligence of new investments.

Mark has joint responsibility and oversight on the overall business strategy of the group, which most recently concerned the expansion of the group of companies to include a land holding, development and real estate companies in Cape Coral, Florida and across Asia-Pacific. In addition, Mark is an investment manager responsible for $16million of home sites within the USA.