Cape Coral has thriving manufacturing sector

January 11, 2018 12:42 pm

Cape Coral has a thriving advanced manufacturing environment, say business chiefs.

This includes the production of electronics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, optical instruments, and ecological and solar technologies. That is according to Dana Brunett, Cape Coral’s Economic Development Manager.

Low cost of doing business

The Cape Coral metro area ranks as the fastest-growing in the nation for both population and job expansion. In addition, this waterfront city offers a ready workforce, a low cost of doing business and room for expansion.

Cape Coral-based S4J Manufacturing Services, Inc., got its start in precision machining in 1965 and has become one of the nation’s top three manufacturers of Luer lock connectors, mini quick connects and adapters for the biomedical field.

The company has grown steadily since relocating to Cape Coral in 1999, with more than 1,000 customers worldwide.

Chief Executive Officer Doug Guyre says, “The beautiful thing about being a manufacturer in Cape Coral is that there’s a huge pool of potential employees who live in the Cape.”

Room to Expand Ecological Laboratories is also on the forefront of national trends in sustainability. It specializes in cleaning up environmental damage, improving water and soil quality, and increasing traditional and hydroponic agricultural yields—without chemical toxins.

Ecological Labs recently undertook the sixth expansion of its Cape Coral research, manufacturing and distribution facility to 78,000 square feet. Ecological Laboratories Inventory Control Coordinator Matthew Richter, says, “We are truly protecting our environment by offering solutions that benefit everyone. We are doing our part to better the world.”