Cape Coral is a top 4 July rental location

July 4, 2019 3:06 pm

Cape Coral is a top 4 July rental location, with growing demand, says the news website.

The city is sixth in the list of the Top 10 Home Rental Locations for the July 4th holiday.

Fort Myers Beach & Cape Coral, Florida has seen a 63% rise in rental demand for 4 July. The average Cost Per Night is $216.

Last year, demand for popular beachfront vacation rentals rose by as much as 132% during the holiday week.

A record 49 million Americans are set to make a vacation trek this 4th of July.

To figure out who stands to gain the most from the July 4th home rental boost, the site spoke with vacation rental site Vrbo. This was to find out the most popular targets for the holiday week.

The criteria for selecting top locations is based on the increase in their vacation rental demand during the week of July 4th. This was compared to the four weeks before and after. As this comparison cannot be done until after the time period is over, rental data comes from 2018.

“The joint Fort Myers & Cape Coral area is well known to most in the country – both for its extensive beach coast line, as well as for being the spring training location for several MLB teams,” says the website.

The area sees roughly 3 million paid accommodations each year. This figure excludes those that stay with family and relatives, generating $3.1 billion in tourism revenue.