Cape Coral is a top investment choice

April 4, 2019 12:37 pm

Cape Coral is a top investment choice, so says a new report.

The Waterfront Wonderland is among 10 real estate investment cities to target in 2019 chosen by real estate tech marketing firm SetSchedule.

Chief Executive Officer, Roy Dekel, explains why Cape Coral is a top investment choice. “What makes these cities a good investment are their popularity, growth, stability in pricing and neighborhood factors.

“We also look at the volatility of the area—how low was the neighborhood at the lowest point, and how high at the highest? Where is it now?

“Does the area have a high crime rate? Does the area hold interest or draw from vacationers, employers, school district, cost of living, activities, etc.? What are the current comparable sold home prices? How does this home or area compare? Can you make a profit now? Can you make a profit later? What are the risk factors?”

Those cities that hold interest generally attract investors. This means that they want to be there for many reasons including vacations, rest and relaxation, employment, and also a place to call home—the 10 cities have that draw.