Cape Coral is among affordable retirement destinations

February 1, 2019 12:26 pm

Cape Coral is among affordable retirement destinations.

The Fort Myers-Cape Coral metro is in the top-20 list for 2019 affordable places to retire. That is according to the seniors’ website.

It measured a series of factors including overall cost of living, median home prices and state tax laws. It also took into account local health care options, availability of 55-plus communities, and public transit.

The website says, “The cities named not only offer reasonable housing costs, but also provide exciting amenities and healthy living options.

Cape Coral is among affordable retirement destinations

“There are plenty of places around the United States where you can strike a balance between affordable living, exciting amenities, healthy living, and peace of mind. For active adults on a budget, it’s not about finding the cheapest place to live. It’s about finding the place you can feel comfortable calling home.

“The Fort Myers-Cape Coral area, found along Florida’s southwest coast, is known for its fishing, beaches, golfing, shopping, and just about any other recreational activity, one imagines from a Sunshine State retirement.

“Relative to many of the other popular retirement locations, it’s also fairly affordable. The cost of living is higher than the national average but that’s offset by Florida’s friendly tax laws for retirees. The region also boasts a comfortable year-round climate and strong quality of life.”

The website surveyed its readers to uncover expectations for buying a retirement home.

When asked about anticipated costs of a future home compared to their current one, 26% respondents answered, “about the same”. At the same time, 27% said “slightly less” and 24% said “much less.”

Danny Goodman is Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of He says, “This information tells us 77% of active adults need their next home to be affordable. But a home within a certain price point is only half of the equation.

“The surrounding area—whether or not an active adult community is of interest—plays an integral role in quality of life, and nearby attractions and available establishments can greatly enhance that. These destinations provide budget-friendly options without demanding a sacrifice for comfort.”