Cape Coral is among the safest driving cities

June 28, 2019 10:29 am

Cape Coral is among the safest driving cities in the United States, a new report suggests.

The Waterfront Wonderland has come 10th out of 200 large cities and towns in the Allstate America’s Best Driver’s Report 2019.

On average, there are 12.2 years between claims, says the annual report. That is 1.6 years better than the national average.

There are 20.3 hard-breaking events per 1,000 miles, while the national average is 19.

Allstate researchers analyzed property damage claims reported during the two-year period of January 2016 to December 2017. The report defines a collision as any auto crash resulting in a property damage claim and uses U.S. Census Bureau data to determine America’s 200 largest cities.

Hard-braking data is based on customers voluntarily enrolled in Allstate’s Drivewise® telematics program from 2016-2017.

Allstate’s auto policies represent approximately 10% of all U.S. auto policies, so making this report a realistic snapshot of what is happening on America’s roads.

The Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report is produced solely to boost the country’s discussion about safe driving. Increaasing awareness of the importance of being safe and attentive behind the wheel is another goal. The report is not used to determine auto insurance rates.

Allstate offers these tips for safe driving:

►Keep your eyes on the road and do not get distracted by your cellphone.

►Mind the speed limit.

►Make sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing seat belts.

►Leave plenty of distance between you and other vehicles.

►Carry an emergency roadside safety kit with caution signs and flares, and have a roadside service lined up for when you need a tow.