Cape Coral is named among Florida’s safest cities

September 3, 2019 2:09 pm

Cape Coral is named among Florida’s safest cities.

The Waterfront Wonderland came 36th on the ranking of the Safest Cities in Florida 2019, by the website.

Cities in the Sunshine State are among the safest in the nation, says the website.

Cities including Cape Coral have earned high Safety Index scores for their combination of scant crime and effective policing.

The most recent FBI crime data was used to create state rankings.

There were initially 7,430 cities in the data set. After filtering out the cities with populations of less than 10,000, 2,929 cities remained.

The website then tallied up violent crime rates and property crime rates by dividing the crime numbers by the population to get rates per 1,000.

It also worked out the ratio of law enforcement workers to per 1,000. These were weighted with -50% for the violent crime rate, -25% for the property crime rate, and also +25% for the law enforcement rate.

The resulting metric resulted in the safety index score. Cape Coral is named among Florida’s safest cities with a score of 0.28. The highest score on the list is 1.21, while the lowest is -3.66.