Florida’s six pillars of growth

October 10, 2018 1:29 pm

Florida’s six pillars of growth are set create a robust economy in 2030.

The Florida Chamber Foundation presents its economic goals for 2030, when the state population will be 26 million. That is five million more than the current total.

Florida’s six pillars of growth

Florida’s Six Pillars of Growth are Talent Supply & Education, Innovation & Economic Development, Infrastructure & Growth Leadership, Business Climate & Competitiveness, Civic & Governance Systems, and also Quality of Life & Quality Places.

The chamber’s Florida 2030 plan is a product of three years of research and feedback from more than 10,000 Floridians. It identifies the challenges and opportunities Florida has between now and 2030, and to create a blueprint for Florida’s future.

The report says, “By 2030, Florida will add six million more residents and will need to create two million net new jobs. At the same time, rapid innovation technology will drive increased automation, globalization, digitization, and advances in machine learning in the next decade and a half.

“While these shifts are already well underway, by 2030 these and other disruptive technologies will lead to the development of new jobs and a shift in the skills and competencies required for existing jobs within the state’s economy.

“Though many of the jobs Floridians will hold in 2030 have not yet emerged, Florida has a strategic opportunity to prepare for these shifts by leveraging its many assets and changing demographics to make decisions that will have generational benefits and create economic opportunity for millions of Floridians.”

Among the report’s main recommendations are:

  • Florida needs to add 1.7 million net new jobs by 2030
  • It must prepare its workforce to take advantage of global consumer demand
  • Florida is experiencing generational changes
  • The state needs to adapt to shifting skills and the training that will be required
  • Innovation and disruption are transforming industries and jobs.
  • The nature of work in Florida is changing.


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