Free ride service for Cape Coral

December 28, 2017 5:33 pm

A new free ride service has been launched in Cape Coral.

The Nickel Ride uses an electric Polaris Gem fleet’s zero-carbon footprint, so it is eco-friendly as well as being free.

The Nickel Ride fleet accommodates up to five passengers. Its route ranges from Cape Coral Parkway to the bridge to Palm Tree Boulevard, north S.E. 46th Lane, Miramar Street to the south, and portions of Coronado Parkway.

How to catch a ride

You can catch a ride while walking down the street. Or you can request one by calling 855-WE-R-FREE (855-937-3733) or by using the Nickel Ride app. Nickel Ride keeps its services free, as every vehicle in the fleet is a host for local advertisers and business owners.

The Nickel Ride aims to involve the local business community. It offers unique in-vehicle experience provided by vetted drivers who act as friendly local guides.

Nickel Ride Founder and CEO Judah Longgrear, says, “The Nickel Ride coming to South Cape was borne out of a necessity that has transpired from years of sustained growth the South Cape and surrounding area has seen.

“With nearly 65 businesses in the South Cape, we feel there is a great opportunity to provide an alternative solution for downtown revelers and tourists.”