Homeowner equity is up by $1trillion

October 4, 2018 1:01 pm

Homeowner equity is up by $1trillion in the United States.

More than half a million borrowers (570,000) have moved into positive equity in the year to the end of Quarter 2, 2018. That is according to the latest figures from the CoreLogic website.

The amount of equity in mortgaged real estate rose 12.3%, says the CoreLogic equity report.

The national share of homes with negative equity for Q2 2018 was 4.3%. That is more than 20 percentage points lower than the peak negative equity share (26%) recorded in Quarter 4, 2009, shortly after the survey started.

Homeowner equity has nearly doubled in five years, rising $3.9 trillion from Quarter 2, 2013 to Quarter 2, 2018.

Homeowner equity in the report reflects only mortgaged single-family real estate.

Source: https://www.corelogic.com/blog/2018/09/homeowner-equity-increased-by-about-1-trillion-year-over-year.aspx