Qualitas sources the best investments from around the world


Qualitas Global Property is seeing rising investor inquiries for its international land and property investments from clients who are looking for secure investments with competitive returns.

The group’s main focus has been in the booming South West Florida market, but with strong investor inquiries, Qualitas sources the best investments from around the world by strategically selecting the areas in which we do business.

Qualitas also provides access to well-qualified investments that are not otherwise accessible in the open market.

We have also successfully brought to market, developments in over 20 countries including Spain, the UK, France, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Thailand, and the Caribbean with case studies to back up our knowledge and experience.

As a result of increasing international demand from clients, driven by a 60% client referral rate, Qualitas has been expanding across Asia for some time and has established or plans to launch new offices in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.