Due to investor demand, Qualitas is expanding fast across Asia

With more Asian investors than ever looking to invest in high-yielding international real estate projects, Qualitas Global Property is expanding fast.

Qualitas has been active in Taiwan for some time and with the investment needs of our corporate clients growing all the time, we have opened a new office in the city to market secure land and property projects with competitive returns.

As part of our Asia-Pacific expansion, we also plan to launch offices in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Qualitas has a strong and growing base of Asian investors. Figures show that Chinese investors spent a total of $27billion on United States residential property in the year to March 2016, more than any other nation, according to the 2016 Profile of International Activity in US Residential Real Estate, published by the National Association of Realtors.

Qualitas’ presence in South Asia is also opening up exciting new investment opportunities for commercial and residential clients. Qualitas regularly holds investment seminars highlighting prestigious projects for high-end investors.