Qualitas only offers investments we would purchase ourselves

Qualitas thoroughly researches the market and only offers investments that we would purchase ourselves.

Another vital factor that sets us apart is that we not just real estate agents, but property investment advisors. We believe that extensive market knowledge and thorough due diligence is the difference between investment success and failure.

Qualitas only brings to market deals where we can add real value to our client portfolios through our first-hand expert knowledge, insight and contacts. We strategically select the areas in which we do business and provide access to well-qualified investments that are not otherwise accessible in the open market.



Offering large lots of between 10,000 and 17,500 sq ft, we have both canal and dry lots available. This packaged product has been created with the individual investor in mind. Read more →



Qualitas has experience in working on leading commercial projects around the world, including in Asia-Pacific, where we have been brought in to consult on various developments. Read more →



Working across the UK and International business and consumer property investment markets, we provide our clients with a personal service tailored to their needs. Read more →

Qualitas Global Property investment philosophy


Location, location, location is used universally in real estate, but it ignores the complexity of what makes a profitable, secure investment.

Qualitas believes these are:

The right location

The right conditions

The right opportunity with a clearly defined goal and exit

The right legal and tax environment

The right team to execute it for you.

On every count Qualitas meets and exceeds these essential components.