Qualitas sources exclusive projects from around the world

Thanks to our reputation for safe and secure, high-yielding residential investment opportunities around the world and our track record of delivering just what we promise, Qualitas is trusted by large and small investors.

The current focus of Qualitas Global Property includes build-out on our large land portfolio in Cape Coral, Florida, USA. Healthy capital gains above the national and state average have been achieved due to limited availability and strong demand from a growing population attracted to the popular region, which is among top lifestyle destinations.

Qualitas is always looking for opportunities to assist developers who want help and advice with present and future projects, anywhere in the world. With our extensive global network and invaluable international experience, we have the skill, market knowledge and contacts to help, whether to need help with financing, professional services or other business needs.

Through our international network of key contacts and our specialist industry knowledge, Qualitas can offer exclusive high-yielding residential projects in the United States, Europe, the Middle East. Asia and Australasia is a particular growth market and Qualitas is opening new offices there to serve growing investor demand.

We strategically select the areas and countries in which we do business and focus on providing access to well-qualified investments that are not otherwise accessible in the open market.

Due to our large client base of investors, coupled with our extensive agent network, we have the power to offer special deals not found anywhere else.

Investors have peace of mind that all Qualitas projects have passed our demanding due diligence checks and are carefully tailored to meet client investment needs.

Whether purchasing a single house or a complete development, we take the same care to ensure the investment is right for you.


May 2018 was the 77th month in a row that statewide median sales
prices for single-family homes and townhouse-condo properties
rose year-over-year.

Qualitas offers several floorplans which are custom designed for vacation rentals. Occupancy rates in high season in Cape Coral are 100%.

With job creation booming in South West Florida, the rental market is very strong, with rents in Cape Coral rising by more than one-fifth in the last year. In the year to July 2018 average rents rose 22%, according to the rentcafe.com website.

Building a property in the area takes around six months on average with prices of new homes from Qualitas starting from just $219,900.

For those interested in building a property, there are a variety of options available.

With so many factors having a positive effect on land prices in the area, more people are moving fast to snap up the undervalued land and property which is currently available to make the most of this very lucrative investment opportunity.

With an ever increasing population and interest from overseas investors looking to seize the opportunity to buy under-valued real estate and home sites in Cape Coral, prices are set to continue rising.