Lee County schools Spring test results have improved

July 9, 2019 1:11 pm

Lee County schools Spring test results have improved, the latest data shows.

Florida school districts received results from the Florida Department of Education for students that participated in the 2019 Spring Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) and End of Course (EOC) Exams.

Why Lee County schools Spring test results have improved

The percentage of elementary students scoring Level three or higher – the minimum standard – for the English Language Arts and Math FSA increased at every grade level.

Middle School ELA scores increased at all grades levels as well, while 6th grade math scores went up 6% and 8th grade scores jumped 13 percentage points.

In addition, 95% of students taking the Algebra EOC in grades 4-8 scored levels 3-5. Middle school Civics and high school US History End of Course Exam (EOC) scores both increased.

The Lee County schools area includes Cape Coral.

Students in Grades 3-10 took the FSA test in English Language Arts, which includes both reading and writing skills. The FSA Math test was taken by Grades 3-8, and the Science test was administered in Grades 5 and 8. Students enrolled in Civics, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry in Spring, 2019 participated in the state’s EOC exams for those subjects.

This is the second year the district offered middle schoolers the chance to take advanced math courses. This led to a positive trend in 8th grade FSA math, moving Lee County from 25th in the State to 12th for 8th grade proficiency in math, while 7th graders continued to outperform their peers across the state.

Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins, says “I couldn’t be more proud of our students, teachers and administrators. Student success is the number one priority of this District and year after year our scores illustrate our commitment to achievement.”

Making a positive impact

Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jeff Spiro, says, “The systems and processes we have put into place are making a positive impact. look forward to continuing the amazing work that this team has implemented in order to achieve even higher gains for our students moving forward.”

Later in the summer, the State will release school and district grades which will be based on students enrolled the entire school year, and will include measures of student learning gains.

In July, parents will be able to pick up their student’s Individual Student Report. A message will be sent when the reports are available at the school where the child took the assessment.

Source: https://www.leeschools.net/news/june_2019/lee_county_fsa_data_released