What renters really want

March 6, 2019 11:57 am

What renters really want is an apartment that fits their budget.

Almost half (44%) of those surveyed in the RentPath survey said that when searching online their top priority is finding a property in their price range. Next, on 29%, is an apartment in the right location, while 19% want a pet-friendly place.

There are 18% who need facilities suitable for seniors or disabled people. There are also 13% who require a family-friendly home to rent.

When embarking on their search and describing their varied feelings, renters feel excited (46%) and stressed (44%) in almost equal measure. They are also optimistic (40%), overwhelmed (35%) and worried (31%).

Most people (37%) are moving to save money, with 32% wanting to be closer to work.

Around two-thirds (62%) of renters place more importance on the location rather than the unit and three-quarters want to move to a place that is familiar.

Fair price and good neighborhood among list of what renters really want

During their search, renters take most notice of price (74%), the neighborhood (52%) and the address (46%). Other factors of importance are whether utilities are included (39%), square footage (33%), the complex name (33%), a specific amenity (31%), an aesthetic feature (29%), the landlord or property manager (24%), the person who showed the apartment (13%) and nothing (1%).

If they must compromise on something, most will do so on size/square footage (29%) and the type of housing (26%). Less popular is compromise on price (15%) and location (14%). In addition, 16% said they would not compromise on anything.

Renters are least willing to compromise on location and price – only 14 percent say they’ll compromise on location and 15 percent say they’ll compromise on price, which makes sense since these are the most important factors when renting. They are most willing to compromise on size/square footage (29 percent).

An online survey of 2,000 renters was conducted by Egg Strategy in conjunction with RentPath in 2017, with the final analysis completed in February 2018. Monthly online surveys of more than 1,000 total users on Rent.com and ApartmentGuide.com from June to August 2018.

Source: https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/what-renters-really-want/